Best Bicycle For 12 Year Old Boy In India

  • The cycle is delivered in semi-assembled condition (85% assembled).
  • Tire size: 24 inches.
  • Frame Size: 17 inches.
  • Height:4 ft 9 inch.
  • Frame Material: Steel.
  • Suspension : Dual Suspension


Best Bicycle For 12 Year Old Boy In India

If you are searching for a bicycle so that you can use it for the best bicycle for 12 year old boy in India and for exercise purposes then, the hero sprint next is the best bicycle for 12 year old boy in india. This bicycle is affordable and can be used by both adults and teenagers. Studies have also proven that cycling increases your height.

The bicycle is available in two colors red and green you can choose whatever color you like. The frame of the bicycle is made of steel and the size of the wheel is about 24 inches. The cycle will be delivered with 85% assembled rest of the assembly work has to be done by the buyer all the assembly instructions will be provided with the box.

The cycle uses V-brakes in both front brakes and rear brakes and the cycle has 18 gears. The bicycle has a 17-inch dual suspension and is ideal for people whose height is between 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches. This mountain bike comes with a fully loaded Mudguard, Stand, Front Reflectors, Rear Reflectors and is ideal for off-track riding.

Hero Sprint Next 24T

The weight of this mountain bike is about 21 kg. The sturdy frame is made of steel which weighs 4 Kg and It also has a suspension fork that ensures riding comfort on a bumpy road. The bike comes with a 42T crankset and coated bottom bracket. This configuration ensures a seamless crossing of the chain and reduces your efforts while pedaling.

The PU saddle has a nut-bolt adjustment. The seat post features a black steel bolt-on clamp assembly, making it easy for your child to pull it up or down. The wheel comes with a 610 mm handlebar that is 41 mm long, so it fits seamlessly on your child’s arms and wrists. Your child can now apply powerful front and rear V-brakes to safely go on the highway. This cycle has MTB paddles so that your feet do not slide while riding. It also has rear reflectors to increase visibility.

There are many benefits of cycling like cycling increases muscle strength and flexibility, cycling also improves joints mobility, decreases body fat level, and stress level. If you are searching cycle for exercise purposes then this is the best choice for you. This is the best bicycle for 12 year old boy in India.

If you are a teenager then I must suggest you buy this cycle because cycling increases height and in modern-day people are sitting in one place for many hours without doing any workout and this results in back pain and many problems in future but, cycling can reduce all your physical problems.

Cycling can also improve your immune system, as the time is passing by new diseases are breaking out in the world like coronavirus and other viruses also so it is very important to keep a strong immune system and cycling can improve your immune system.

best bicycle for 12 year old boy in india

The box of the cycle contains an Allen key and spanner, a mudguard,  a stand, a front reflector, and a rear reflector. You can assemble all these parts in the 85% completed body and all the instructions to assemble the cycle will be provided in the box.

The Hero Sprint Next 24T is a mountain bike so that you can also use this cycle for mountain biking and on rough roads, the suspension is going to play an important role. There are many benefits of mountain biking like mountain biking is a whole-body workout.

At last, I will conclude by saying that this is the best bicycle for 12 year old boy in India if you are searching for a cycle for touring then I suggest you buy this one.

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